Indian Astrology is basicalled linked with Humanistic Psychology, that's only why Indian astrologer is giving more important to Moon sign then Sun sign. So here we are not giving you a fixed prediction but as an aid to personal insight because the kundali is thought to reveal one's core nature, but individuals, with free choice, can use that knowledge to develop the better aspects of yourself and minimize the effects of less favorable ones.

Why do people seek for analysis ? There are a number of reasons:

  • come out of curiosity,
  • some people wants to enjoy hearing about themselves,
  • there are in crossroad so want to choose a path,
  • some one wants to go deeper into this science.

Whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time.

- C. G. Jung

Here we are not solving people's problem, it is impossible to solve someone else's problem.

Through analysis, we can decide what is objectively not correct but what is subjectively appropriate.

The goal of analysis is to create a different mirror image that truly reflects what is there, not what "should have been" or what the subject would like to see.

Vedic astrology is based upon the system of Yoga for its understanding of the mind. Its definition of the mind and what heals it is thus quite different than what we find in modern psychology. It recognizes beyond our surface and personal mind and the existence and influence of collective, cosmic and spiritual levels of consciousness that modern psychology is only beginning to explore.

- David Frawley.

Like plants and flowers, relationships must be fed, cultivated and watered. Even so, they still do not all turn out alike. Certain plants blossom only when well watered and need a great deal of care, while others, do not need much nurturing and can be prickly to the touch.

Special sets of characteristics are found in each of the twelve types according to its earth branch. These interact with one another n a myriad ways and degrees of intensity, which also plays a significant role in shaping our personalities and relationships. Others may go dormant only to come alive in the spring, while evergreens maintain their youth forever. But all the while we live and learn by all our interactions, doing better each time at identifying, forming and establishing good relationships.

Sex and Class of Animal for the Yoni

No.MaleFemaleClass of Yoni
1 Ashwini Satabhisha Horse
2 Bharani Revati Elephant
3 Pushya Kritika Sheep
4 Rohini Mrigasirsha Serpent
5 Moola Adra Dog
6 Ashlesha Punarvasu Cat
7 Magha Purva Rat
8 Uttara Uttarabhadrapad Cow
9 Swati Hasta Buffalo
10 Vishakha Chitra Tiger
11 Jyestha Anuradha Hare
12 P.Ashadha Sravan Monkey
13 P.Bhadrapad Danistha Lion
14 Uttarashada   Mongoose