I Ching



The I Ching (pronounced 'Yee King') or Book of Changes the greatest of the Chinese classics.



The Creative strong, active Heaven
The Receptive devoted, yielding Earth
The Arousing inciting movement Thunder
The Abysmal dangerous Water
Keeping Still resting, calm, firm, quiet Mountain
The Gentle penetrating, enduring Wind, Wood
The Clinging light - giving, clarity Fire
The Joyous joyousness Lake

The hexagram represents the primal power of Yang: light-giving, active, strong, firm, of the spirit; energy unrestricted, durable.
This power is expressed, first, in the universe in the strong creative action of God and, second, in the human world in the creative action of the holy man or sage in awakening and developing men's higher nature.
The Creative is made manifest only through the effects of its activity.

Sublime success through perseverance. As creative power permeates all heaven: By clouds and rain all beings attain form, So the great man sees, with great clarity, causes and effects.
By persevering does he complete things in their due time. As the creative power brings forth form from the world of ideas, so the great man understands the meaning of the time.

The Image
The Image thoughts derived from the hexagram's image, or its attributes, in giving counsel to a wise man.

Degrees of Change
Six situations within overall condition. The Degrees set out six varieties of condition, often as a progressive development through the overall condition.

Each hexagram combines two trigrams: - a lower or inner trigram, an upper or outer trigram.

1 The Creative    
2 The Receptive    
3 Resolving Chaos    
4 Immaturity ( Youthful Folly)    
5 Waiting    
6 Conflict    
7 The Army    
8 Holding Together (Union)    
9 The Taming Power of the Gentle    
10 Conduct (Comportment)    
11 Peace (Contentment)    
12 Standstill (Stagnation)    
13 Fellowship    
14 Possession in Great Measure    
15 Modesty    
16 Enthusiasm    
17 Following    
18 Removing Corruption (Decay)    
19 Approach (Becoming Great)    
20 Contemplation (View)    
21 Biting Through (Judging)    
22 Grace (Adornment)    
23 Splitting Apart (Disintegration)    
24 Return (The Turing Point)    
25 Innocence    
26 The Taming Power of the Great    
27 Providing Nourishment    
28 Great Heaviness    
29 The Abysmal    
30 The Clinging    
31 Influence (Wooing)    
32 Duration (Maariage)    
33 Retreat (Withdrawal)    
34 The Power of the Great    
35 Easy Progress    
36 Darkening of the Light    
37 The Family (The Clan)    
38 Opposition    
39 Obstruction    
40 Deliverance    
41 Decrease    
42 Increase    
43 Break-through (Resoluteness)    
44 Encountering (Coming to Meet)    
45 Gathering Together    
46 Pushing Upward    
47 Oppression (Exhaustion)    
48 The Well    
49 Revolution (Fundamental Change)    
50 The Great Bowl (Sacred Vessel)    
51 The Arousing (Shock)    
52 Keeping Still    
53 Development (Gradual Progress)    
54 The Marrying Maiden (Love)    
55 Abundance (Fullness)    
56 The Wanderer (The Seeker)    
57 The Gentle (The Penetrating)    
58 The Joyous    
59 Dispersion (The Dissolving)    
60 Limitation (Due Measure)    
61 Inner Truth    
62 Great Smallness    
63 Order (After Completion)    
64 Transition (Before Completion)