Moleosophy , the study of moles and their meaning, is based upon the ancient art of Astrology. Many ancient people, and many living today, have held that each part of the body is dominated by a sign of the Zodiac. The particular sign influences this section of the body so that it determines its fate and future.


The sings of the Zodiac and the parts of the body which they dominates are:

No.SignsBody Parts
1Ariesthe head and face
2Taurusthe nack and throat
3Geminithe arms and shoulders
4Cancerthe chest and stomach
5Leothe heart and back
6Virgothe abdomen
7Librathe lumbar regions
8Scorpiothe groin
9Sagittariusthe legs and thighs
10Capricornthe knees
11Aquariusthe legs and ankles
12Piscesthe feet and toes

If a mole appears in any of these areas of the body, it is supposed to indicate that this part and its Zodiacal Sign are dominant in the life of the person in question. Therefore, since very early times it has been the custom to study the body, discover the location of each mole, and make predictions about the character and the future of the person having the moles.
Moles, as we must remember , are birthmarks , coming with the birth of the perosing in question. Thus , they are not to be tampered with except under the care of a competent physician. To attempt to remove one without this advice and aid may mean serious trouble and even death.
Further, it has been found that moles may change their size during the lifetime of the person having them. This indicates that the dominance of the particular part of the body is either increasing or decreasing. Then they may change color. When the mole is on the body of a man, a change of color means a change of fortune. To become lighter means good luck, but to become darker means trouble and great disappointment. If the color of a mole on the body of a woman changes, no significance is to be attached to the fact.

If a mole is raised, like a wart,it is a good sign,whatever its color.

The meaning of moes is:

Arm If a mole is found on the right arm , it means that the person will have trouble in his early life but this will clear up and his later years will be full of happiness and contentment. Should the mole be near the elbow, this prophecy is far more certain. If the mole is under the right arm, the person will have much difficulty and the odds against him will always be great.