What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Aquarius

Dear Sir or Madam:
One of the great problems that confront those who are born under this sign is the necessity of over comeing a certain shyness in human relationships.
You have so many good qualities that it would be indeed tragic if they were not recognized and given full opportunity for expression.
And a modest, retiring nature needs to be brought out not for its own good but for the benefit of all those who come in contact with it.
This is especially true in your case, for you will have ideas which, if given proper outlet, may lead to progress in many fields of activity.
Yours is an original mind, and you should always rely on your hunches, no matter how out of the ordinary they may seem to be, for they may work to your great advantage.
Your originality of thought will probably result in the discovery of a new way of doing things in business or science; in the arts it will stamp you as a very independent type.
No one will ever accuse you of imitation.
Though you do not make friends quickly, you will never lack for them, for you have a natural way with people, and in the long run you will always attract a host of admirers.
you will have to curb a tendency to be impatient of contemptuous of persons who are not as quick to understand problems as you are, and you will also have to fight a sensitive nature which will permit you to imagine insults that have never occurred.
Your chances of success may be lessened by a disposition that is a bit too easy going.
Take care that friends and acquaintances do not impose on you and take up too much of your time, which you will always be so ready to give.
There is also the possibility that you may be cheated or deceived by unscrupulous persons who will take advantage of your sincere direct nature.
Many businesses and professions will hold opportunities for you, but you must take care not to get into a line of work which puts you in a rut, for your independent nature will never tolerate monotony and such an occupation will only make you miserable.
You probably will do a great deal of traveling, though this should be a pastime with you.
In your ever-day work you should remain located in one place for considerable periods of time, otherwise you may be tempted to become a rolling stone.
In love you will tend to conceal your affections, and it is possible you may marry without ever knowing a very romantic period of courtship.
This should be a warning to you to make an effort to be more demonstrative with your loved one, lest he or she misunderstand and suspect you of indifference.