What Your Birthday Signifies...

March 21st to April 20th = Sign of Aries

Dear Sir or Madam:
You are not meant to work under anybody else. To be completely happy you should be as independent in action as possible, for you have the marks of the leader or the trail blazer.
Success,when it comesto you, will arouse the admiration of all those about you , for it will represent no ordinary achievement.
On the other hand you will have to learn a great deal about self-control if you are to achieve every thing you setout to accomplish.
Your boundless energy and enthusiasm, for which you will always be so much admired, will have to be held in check or it will lead youto undertake too many things at one time.
You will always be tempted to rush eagerly in to some new line of activity before you have made really satisfactory progress in thework you are already doing.
Probably the hardestthing you will ever have to learn is to take advice without becoming angry and resentful.
Courageous and impetuous, you will always be the first to champion a new cause, often times without giving it sufficient careful consideration. For that reason you may expect to make many blunders and mistakes. You can avoid some of these if you will always remember to 'look before you leap'.
This last peace of advice is especially noteworthy in matters of love.Never, under any circumstances, should you consider an elopement. With someother types an elopement might turn out all right, but in your case it willnine times out of ten be ill-advised , since you are always going to be onewho acts in haste and repents at leisure. Every time you fall in love-and it will be often-you are going to think it is the great , enduring passion of your life . You will be ready to sacrifice everything of it-and like as notin six weeks ' time you will not only be bored, but will be looking for somenew romantic adventure . For this reason you should not marry until after afairly long engagement.If after a year you find that your devotion is stillas intense as ever, you may be sure that you have found the fight person. Inthat event your marriage will be not only happy but exciting and one thatwill never grow stale.
You will probably do a great deal of traveling during your life and willmeet many kinds of people. You will be popular and will make friends easily. However , if you want to keep them and avoid a lot of sorrow for yourself,you will have to learn to control your temper and your tendency to 'boss' people . Even friendship will not last if you allow your instincts in this direction to get out of hand.
As has been indicated,politics, business or the arts will be suited to yourtemperament-anything in which you have a chance to shine by yourself.Do notattempt to enter in business partnerships of any sort , for co-operation isone of the things that will not come easy for you . You will have to guardagainst working too hard, and must learn to relax and take things easy.