What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Capricorn

Dear Sir or Madam:
If you are born under this sign, probably the best advice that can be given to you is, try to cultivate a sense of humor, for there is a danger that allthrough life you will take things much too seriously and will not have all the fun which you deserve.
If any great success comes to you, it will been tirely as a result of your own patient efforts.
It will take time and theearly part of your life may at times seem sadly lacking in the things you aspire to.
But you should never be discouraged, for your greatest gift lies in your capacity for taking pains and in your fundamental common sense.
Here also is something you will have to guard against, for your ability to plod along may also blind you to opportunities which require a certain amount of imagination and daring.
You will probably achieve best results in business which requires a steady, level head and industrious effort .
Thus banking or office work such as is connected with governmental bureaus will hold the greatest opportunity for you.
You will also shine in fields where scholarship is of importance.
You might become a teacher or a research worker, but you must never expect tomake a brilliant showing in the eyes of the world in general.
Your gifts will be appreciated by the few rather than by the crowd.
In matter of love you will tend to be cautious and hesitant and since you will not be one to decide on the spur of the moment, you probably will not marry early.
However, when you do marry , it will be for keeps and you will make a devoted husband or wife and a very wise and loving parent.
There will be one trait you will have to control if your marriage is to be a happy one.
That is your tendency to brood over trivial things. You must always say what is on your mind, though you must do it tactfully.
You will never be completely happy unless you are married, for your nature demands love and affection, and you will never realize a true expression of your finest talents until you are happy in marriage.
In other words, it is the key to your future success in all lines of work.
You should get plenty of fresh air, and avoid worry as much as possible. Bevery careful in your use of alcohol and tobacco.