What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Gemini

Dear Sir or Madam:
You are going to find that a number of differing lines of work appeal toyou and you are going to want to undertake almost all of them at the same time, for you will easily become bored with just a single job.
Your greatest problem will be learning to concentrate your energies and to control your enthusiasm, which will always be driving you ahead and leading you to rush head long into a new venture without first weighing all the facts carefully.
Failure for you will never come because of a lack of talent of ability; if you do not make a success of your life it will be because you can't decide on what you want to specialize in, and since this is an age of specialists, you would be wise in starting right now to make up your mind which career you will be happiest in and then to stick to your decision.
Anything which calls for an alert mind will be suited to your tastes, and itwould be better for you to pick some sort of professional work than a business career, for the latter often involves a lot of humdrum datail for which you are likely to have little patience.
You will be happy in anything connected with science or the arts, and you are likely to shine in a position that calls for oratorical skill.
In matters of love you will be very changeable and sensitive.
There is adanger that you will be accused of being fickle, and you may be tempted to blame your own whimsical changes of heart on the imagined slights and neglects of the other party.
Thus if you wish to have a happy marriage, you will have to concentrate on making it happy, just as you will have to concentrate on every thing else in life that you want to make a success of.
Guard against being too easily irritated by trifles.
Although you will getover quick bursts of temper in very short time, another person whom you have offended and who has a less changeable temperament may not forget so easily.
The rash word spoken in haste will too often be your undoing, both in matters of love and in friendships.
You must learn to understand how your many-sided disposition works, or you will never realize why it is that people will so often misunderstand you and take offense at things you do.
One of the best outlets for your restlessness will be in taking up hobbies.
If you feel you simply must have a change, take up a new hobby.
In the long run this will be more sensible than constantly shifting from one job to another on the slightest pretext.
You will make money easily and lose it just as quickly, so you will be wise to find some friend whose opinions you can trust and to allow yourself to guided by him or her in major dicisions in the life.
This will not be hard to do, for you are going to have many friends who will be genuinely concerned with your welfare.