What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Leo

Dear Sir or Madam:
Under this sign are born persons to whom the world loooks naturally for leadership and guidance.
One of your greatest assets is your ability to inspire confidence in stangers who come in contact with you, and if you learn how to use this trait wisely, it should lead you to a position of prominence and affluence.
You are likely to rise rapidly in a time of great national emergency when courage and enthusiasm in the face of overwhelming obstacles will be especially sought after.
The only factor which may imperil your chances of success will be your inability to realize that all people are not guided by the same high-minded motives as you are.
Since you will be the first to give credit where creditis due, you will not always recognize flattery for what it is, for you will assume that praise is given to you as you give it to others : in recognition of genuine merit.
Thus it may happen that you will place trust in a person who is only trying to lead you on to his own advantage.
In this way you maybe misguided and receive unsound advice.
To put it briefly, you must be on your guard against the yes man, who will agree with you even when you are in the wrong simply because he is anxious to obtain favors from you.
One other trait which, if allowed to go uncheched, may spoil some of your friendships is a tendency to domineer.
It is to be expected that you will dominate and hold positions of authority, but you must cultivate tact in your daily life, remembering that people are more easily led then they are driven.
By using diplomacy you will always be able to have your way, which will usually be the wisest course of action.
In business, industry, politics or trade you will inevitably rise to an executive position, with wealth and honors heaped upon you.
You will never be guilty of having trivial love affairs of shallow friendships.
You will be assured of a happy and successful marriage if you always remember to consider the feelings of those close to you.
Some any sort of domestic quarrel, for when angered you may say things that you will live to regret deeply.
With your children you must guard against being too strict.