What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Libra

Dear Sir or Madam:
You are blessed with one of those rare gifts which should smooth out the path leading to success in whatever field of endeavor you should become interested in.
You are always going to be able to get along with people easily.
No matter what chance may bring in your life, you will have no difficulty in meeting strangers and making the proper impression on them.
Not only will this faculty help you in making many friendships and keeping them, but it will also improve your chances for advancement in business or the professions and will eliminate many obstacles which might confront a different type of person .
For this reason you should make a very good executive or manager who has many persons working under him.
Whenever you want somethins, never listen to the advice of firends( regardless of how well meaning they may be ) who may tell you should use force to obtain your ends.
You will succeed much better by persuasion and reason.
Many persons who can not be budged in their opinions when brow beaten will listen to your arguments and wind up by agreeing to do as you wish.
Thus you are well fitted for certain types of business, the legal profession, salesmanship, or education.
Just remember to be yourself and follow you own instincts when confronted with a problem involving dealings with persons who may be opposed to you.
If you don't try to scheme or bluster you will win every time, even though at the out set it looks as if you could not possibly succeed.
In matters of love, however, you will always have to remember that the emotions and not the reason are the source of people's actions.
Many times it will seem to you that you have every logical argument for doing something and will be unable to understand why your partner makes objection .
In marriage you will have to remember that your partner demands all of your affections and will resent bitterly a tendency which you will have to show deep interest in others of the opposite sex.
You may be accused of fickleness, and you in your part will resent this, attempting to argue that you can have more than one love interest in life with out being faithless.
If you insist upon this attitude you may bring sorrow to yourself.