What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Pisces

Dear Sir or Madam:
Yours will never be a dull, stodgy existence. Your whole life will be filled with restless activity, and there is the danger that you may never accomplish very much because of this.
Yours is a naturally loving and generous temperament, and one of your greatest weaknesses is the ease with which people can take advantage of you by appealing to your warm and sympathetic spirit.
In fact it is possible that you will always be more concerned about the welfare of others than about your own or that of your immediate family.
Persons of your type can easily become the rolling stones of life, the ne'er-do-wells, the jacks-of-all-trades.
Pleasant, companionable and alway sready to lend a helping hand, they never seem to be able to center their attention on some one particular goal.
These cases, of course, are the extremes, but they should serve as a warning to you.
You shold remember that charity begins at home, and that not every person who apperas to be honest is really so.
In money matters in particular you will have to curb your generosity, and it would probably be best for you to obtain the advice of someone of sound business judgement before you make any investments or take financial risks of any sort.
Whatever your faults, however, you will never lack for true friends, who will overlook every short coming out of genuine affection for you.
For this reason you will not be able to rely on their judgment too often, since they will be willing to indulge you in your failings.
Lest this present too one-sided a picture of what lies before you, it should be added that with self-discipline you can rise to great heights, especially in literary activities or occupations in which you are called on to deal with numbers of individuals, such as nursing, law, medicine, etc.
You are especially fitted for any calling which renders a service to humanity or which requires a sympathetic knowledge of the ways of the human heart ( asin literature).
And self-discipline ought not to be too hard for you, either for you have courage and determination, and these qualities are going to bring you honor and prestige.
You will probably marry early and you will undoubtedly have several love affairs - some, it may be, even after you have spoken your marriage vows.
However,this is not so much a sign that you have an untrustworthy nature as it is indication that you will always try to surround youself with an atmosphere of affection and love.