What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Sagittarius

Dear Sir or Madam:
You have a better than average chance of achieving success and possibly fame in life. It will be wiser for you to select some career where you are not compelled to work with too many other persons.
You will find most congenial the job which allows you a certain amount of liberty to do as you think best and where you will not have a boss standing over you every minute of the day.
You will always be resentful about receiving directions how you should do your work, and so to avoid friction you should try to find something which will put you on your own much of the time.
Though there will seldom be quarrels or disputes to mar the even course of your life, you will occasionally flare up when you feel that you have been crossed, and so you must guard against these brief flashes of temper, which will never last very long but which may alienate some individual who is important to your success.
On the other hand there will be times when you should show more determination to gain your point and should not give in readily merely to avoid an unpleasant exchange of words.
This is especially true in regard to sudden inspirations which you are going to have every now and then.
Do not let people argue you out of these ideas or hunches which come to you without explanation, 'out of the blue' as it were.
In almost every instance you will meet with remarkable good luck if you follow your instincts.
In matters of love you will have to learn one very hard lesson if you wish to marry and have a happy home life.
That lesson is that you are never going to find anybody who quite lives up to your ideal of the opposite sex.
No one will ever find perfection in this life, but we can all find happiness if we just learn to overlook the faults in our loved ones and friends and take satisfaction in their good qualities.
You are very liable to make blunders in your choice of a partner.
You will be so eager to find your ideal that you may be temporarily blinded to the real person before you.
Then when you do finally see the actual personality, your disillusion-ment will be keen and you will make no attempt to hide your feelings.
This, of course, will probably wreck your romance.
You have two very important things to remember : there are no angels among mortal men, and always use tact when you are tempted to say what is on your mind without any side-stepping or evasion.