What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Scorpio

Dear Sir or Madam:
There will be nothing tame or dull about your life . You were born to fight hard, to love deeply, to hate bitterly and to live at top speed.
Though your life will seldom lack excitement it will not always be happy one, and unless you guard against the over development of certain traits, it may endunhappily.
First of all you will have to become master of your temper.
If you do not, you will quarrel frequently not only with your associates in daily affairs but with those you love.
You are capable of violent hates which, if allowed to run unchecked, will sour your views on life and rob you of happiness and peace of mind.
You may spoil your chances of success by flying off the handle or through sheer stubbornness and refusal to listen to reason.
You must not give way to suspicions or jealousy, and the desire for vengeance may lead you to rash acts which will recoil to your disadvantage.
If you will only learn to control this temperament, you will be able to direct the force of your personality into many useful channels which will lead you to ultimate success .
No one will ever be able to accuse you of lying down on the job, and though early in life you will face many obstacles and may find the going very difficult, you have the strength to fight your way through and to win.
If you will only listen to all sides of a question before you act, you will not fail to make the right choice, for you have a shrewd eye and will be able to see where your advantage lies every time.
In this way you will achieve power and fortune, and it is very likely that in the later years of life you will find contentment and security.
You will succeed in many lines of activity, preferably ones where there is opposition and the need for a forceful, driving energy.
In love you will be ardent and will have no difficulty in attracting members of the opposite sex.
If you are a man, don't let your cave-man nature run away with you.
If you are a woman, you must learn to temper your ardor with reason, for love does not always end happily, and if it dies, you must remember that there are always other fish in the sea.
In either case, jealousy is the greatest pitfall in the path of those born under the sign of Scorpio.