What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Taurus

Dear Sir or Madam:
Your life is going to result in constructive achievement which will win the admiration and praise of your fellows.
There is very little to prevent you from being a success in your chosen line of work, for you are never going to let obstacles defeat you, and you are always going to find a way out of every difficulty.
You will achieve happiness and contentment through determined and persistent effort, and you will have a reputation for wisdom and stability which will win you promotions and continual advancement.
When you community wants to get something accomplished, you will be one of the first on whom it will call.
You will be happiest when you are doing some sort of creative work, such asbuilding houses and bridges or developing a business, or-if you are a woman-in making a home and raising a family.
Your interest in efficiency may also express itself in the arts, where you will be noted as fine crafts man of avery conscientious performer.
You will make close friendships easily and you will enjoy many of them.
Even strangers will recognize in you the traits of sympathy and understanding and will often turn to you for advice or help.
One thing you must learn to do is to be more expressive of your feelings, otherwise even your friends and loved ones may wrongly accuse you at times of coldness or indifference.
Obstinacy will probably be your worst fault, and this will show itself in a number of unusual ways.
One way will be your refusal to accept the change sin your daily life which will surely come as science and invention make new contributions to progress.
You will always want to insist that the old way of doing things is better, and you will have to keep this view point under control if you want to remain up-to-date.
You will have to be on guard, too, about becoming prejudiced without taking the trouble to study all the fact sin a given case.
This might even harm your chances of success in some instances, so it is worth keeping in mind.
In general you will enjoy very good health, but you will have to watch out not to over eat or drink to excess, for you will always be fond of good food and will usually find yourself financially able to gratify your tasts.
You should always take plenty of exercise and get out in the open as much as possible.