What Your Birthday Signifies...

= Sign of Virgo

Dear Sir or Madam:
Whatever else you life may bring it is very probable that you will spend your old age in contentment and peace, surrounded by material comforts of every description, for no one will ever be able to accuse you of having wasted your life.
Though careful and diligent work you are going to build up a modest fortune, and though you may never create a sensation in the world because of the brilliance of your accomplishments, still you will never have regrets about what you have done.
Nor should this be taken to mean that you have no chance of achieving fame and fortune; there is nothing to prevent you from becoming famous.
However, if you do, it will be entirely as a result of your own painstaking and ceaseless efforts.
Great fame will never come to you by accident, as it often does to others.
You will earn itthe hard way.
Your temperament is such that you will achieve your greatest success in some occupation which requires patient and faithful attention to details.
Any sort of office work of a clerical nature; accounting, laboratory research in physics of chemistry, statistical estimates-in general these are the types of work often ????