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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your ruling plantes are Saturn and Venus , and they exert theirinfluence in the order named.
You will probably spend most of your life championing one cause or another, for you will find the greatest joy in trying to be of service to other. This means that you may have an old age heaped with honors in recognition of your tireless devotion to some institution or profession. Since your talents lie either in the arts or sciences, it is likely that you mayrise to a position of great trust in a laboratory, educational institution or hospital of some sort.
Although you may expect success in your chosen career, you are not likely to amass any great fortune in your lifetime, for the material things of life will never interest you as much as will the chances to do the things you really like to do. You will be careless of money matters, and your natural idealism will prevent you from taking advantage of whatever position you may find yourself in.
Men born in this period will be good providers, however, and willneed only the guiding hand of a more practicalminded wife. A woman born in this period will be very popular, but she will have to make a conscious effort to cultivate the feminine wiles, for her naturally direct nature may not always stand her in good stead when she is trying to attract theman of her choice.
Your most important day will be Saturday. You should beware of activities undertaken early in the week, since they may prove to be so much wasted effort . You should marry a person born in January or under the sign either of Virgo or Libra. Your lucky colors are blues and greens. Your lucky gems are garnets and opals, and the numbers associated with good fortune is 7.
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