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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your plantes are Saturn and Mercury, and they exert about equal influence over your life and destiny.
Your greatest asset will be an ability to get along with people, and you can count on having many strong and loyal friendships. Tact andenergy will bring you to a well deserved success, probably in some line ofwork which involves coming into contact with large numbers of persons. You will be happiest when you are doing something to help 'the other fellow', consequently a professional career as doctor, minister or social-service worker is probably the type in which you will enjoy the greatest success.
In trades you will be best suited for work connected with machinery-electrical equipment or radio.
One word of caution : your interest in your work may cause you to neglect your health, consequently you should be careful to take time out for funand relaxation now and then.
Though you will be devoted husband or wife, you will have to make an effort to express your feelings, for too often you will take love forgranted, failing to realize that, like a garden, it blossoms best when given constant attention. Husbands born in this period may often become too absorbed in their business, and their wives will have to remember this failing and realize that it reflects in no way upon the depth of their 'husbands' love for them.
One trait of mind you will have to guard against constantly is skepticism which may make you appear to be cold and calculating to out-siders who do not understand you completely.
You should marry some one born under Gemini or Libra or in the later half of January. Your most favorable day is Saturday. Your lucky colors are dark blues and greens; your lucky gems are agates and amethysts, and your most favorable number is 9.
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