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The Decans Signifies.....

Aries : Decans 1 - March 21st to March 29th

Dear Sir or Madam :
Your ruling planet is Mars, with Jupiter exerting a secondary influence.

Yours is a brilliant future if you can only guard yourself against the unfavorable aspects of your character. You will by nature assume a leading role in very activity in which you participate, for your executive ability, enterprise and imagination will seldom find an equal among your fellows. You will forge rapidly ahead in whatever line of work you choose to concentrate upon, and here is where the word of warning is necessary. Your greatest failing will be to let yourself become sidetracked from your main purpose. You must never let your energetic nature get out of control, for your impulsiveness will often lead you to become impatient when things donot move along as rapidly as you think they should.

Possessing marked executive ability, you will shine in any position where you have charge of a number of people. Industry and the business world are your special fields, and you will probably make a considerablename for yourself in blazing a trail in some new and unexplored enterprise. Where you are most likely to fail is in routine work which is so oftenvitally important to get a new business venture on a solid footing. You must learn to see a thing through to the finish before embarking on a new venture, otherwise your life will be filled with brilliant beginnings and very mediocre endings. Learn to keep your feet on the ground and to keep plugging along even when you are tempted to quit the job for something which seemsless monotonous.

In matters of love you will probably sweep the other sex off its feet, but in marriage you will have to remember that life is not all romance and that in domestic affairs an attention to the practical side of life is essential for true happiness. You should marry a person born in the last half of March or under the sign of Cancer or Sagittarius.

Friday will be your best day; your lucky colors are the reds and yellows, and your lucky gems are bloodstones and aquamarines. The number most often associated with good fortune will be 2.
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