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Aries : Decans 2 - March 30th to Apr 10th

Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are Mars and the Sun, in that order of influence.
You will never lack for courage and energy when confronted with obstacles and you will usually win your point if you can only learn to keep your temper and to conceal your impatience with persons who are less quick than you are. You will find yourself best suited to occupations in which you are called upon to direct other workers, which means that in business, politics or military affairs you are sure to make a mark in the world. You will need to be more cautious in decisions than most people, for you will always want to rush ahead without first weighing all the facts in the case. Thismay lead to rash and misguided acts unless you are careful, and might bring about a most disastrous defeat. For it is your destiny never to do anything by halves. If you succeed, it will be a brilliant triumph; a defeat would be equally spectacular. Therefore be more than usually prudent in financial transactions.
With members of the other sex you will have to guard against being too dominating, and since you will never take love lightly, you will be in danger of ruining you happiness through unfounded jealousy or possessiveness.
You should marry persons born under the sign of Aries , Leo or Sagirrarius. Your lucky colors are tan and orange; your gems are the diamond and topaz. Your best day will be Tuesday, and the number most often associated with good fortune will be 8.
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