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Aries : Decans 3 - April 11th to April 20th

Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and their influence is exerted in that order.
Your future is particularly golden. Pleasure, success and true happiness will be yours if only you follow your instincts and do not let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment and permit you to waste your talents in fruitless and inconsequential activities. You will have many friends and opportunities will constantly open up before you as if by magic. Your biggest problem will be in learning to make the wisest choice. Like others born under this sign you must learn to accept routine and to finish what you have started before embarking on some new venture. You possess talents which can carry you far in busines or the arts and sciences. Some sort of careeris definitely indicated for you, but you should be careful not to tell too many of your good ideas to anyone who will listen, or you will find that someone else with less imagination but more enterprise has appropriated your own ideas and capitalized on them to your disadvantage.
You will be intense and idealistic about your love and will have to check a tendency to try to rule your partner's life completely, failing to realize that both courtship and marriage are give - and - take propositions. However, you have the capacity for achieving great happiness as a devoted mate and loving parent.
You would best marry a person born in the first half of April or under the sign of Leo or Sagittarius. Your best day is Monday. Your luckycolors are the yellows, light greens and blues; your lucky gems are sapphires and diamonds, and your most favorable number is 1.
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