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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are the Moon and Venus, of equal importance.
Your life is going to be filled with contradictions. On the one hand you are going to be restless and uncertain about your plans. You are going to be very interested in something one moment and completely indifferent to it the next. Yet on the other hand you going to be able to stick to something, once you have convinced yourself that it is what you want to do, in the face of tremendous obstacles and discouragements. Your biggest problem will be making that first decision. You will make things easier if you don't fret about them too much.
In business or the professions you are likely to make a success atanything having to do with aviation, rail roading or shipping. You might startout in some capacity which requires you to travel, later settling down to an executive position where the experience you have thus gained will come in handy. It would be wise for you to satisfy your craving for new sights and strange places early in life, so that in later years you can locate in one spot and have a home.
You will probably have a number of love affairs before you finally make up your mind, and this is wisest, for you will need to find a partner who is understanding and sympathetic and you should not choose blindly in the first fine rapture of new love. You should plan to have children, for they will bring you much happiness not only while they are growing up but after they have gone out in the world on their own. And you will make an ideal parent.
You should marry a person born in the last half of June, October or February. Your lucky colors are light yellows, blues and greens, and your lucky gemes are the pearl, moonstone or crystal. Your most favorable day will be Monday, and the number most often associated with good fortune will be 2.
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