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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
If your birthday falls early in this nine-day period, the planet Jupiter has the greatest sway over you, with Saturn exerting a secondary influence.
If you were born late in the period, the planets' positions are resersed and Saturn dominates, with Jupiter secondary.
You will always have to guard against a tendency to 'cross your bridges before you come to them'.
It is all right to be careful and avoid risks, but there is a kind of cautiousness which is quite as foolish and sometimes as costly as want on recklessness.
Your danger will be that you will spend so much time trying to make a wise decision that in the end you will lose the opportunity to make it.
Remember, opportunity only knocks once. In business matters you will always show good discrimination, and it is not likely that your enemies will find it easy to get the better of you or defeat you.
Keep that in mind and have the courage now and then to take what may seem to be a rather risky chance.
You will find you were wise to do so.
In love and marriage you will have to show tact and thoughtfulness to be completely happy, for you will have a tendency to be selfish in your love.
This applies not only to your relation with your wife or husband but also with your children.
Always try to see their point of view, or someday you may be accused of being a parent who 'doesnot understand'.
This would be tragic for you, for you will pride yourself on being a model father or mother, as the case may be.
You will have trouble connected with journeys, and you probably will know alternation spells of good and bad fortune.
Persons born late in April or August will make the best friends or marriage partners. Saturday is the best day for action.
Lucky colors are purples and blues of all kinds.
Numbers which will be associated with good fortune are 8 and 5. Lucky gems are the turquoise, amethyst and sapphire.
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