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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets, in the order in which they exert their influence, are Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.
Your greates danger in life will be that you may become the rolling stone that gathers no moss. This will come about because you will find at least half a dozen careers open to you. You will have the necessary talent for all of them and also the desire to undertake any one of them.
Making up your mind which one to concentrate on will be such a difficult job that you may never come to final decision, but will spend your entire life drifting from one thing to another. Thus if failure comes to you, it will not be because you lack ability, but because you have too much and have too much and have never been able to make up your mind what to do with it.
You are going to have to learn to concentrate and discipline yourself if you ever want to be successful. If you can accompish self - discipline, you will have a brilliant career. You should be successful in a variety of professions: medicine, the law, literature, journalism. The ministry or finance should also be suitable fields for your type.
In love you are going to be both ardent and changeable and you probably will fall in love many times before you marry. You must try not to do so after you marry, however.
You should marry a person born in the latter half of May, September or January. Your most favorable day will be Wednesday. Your lucky colors are blue, green and gray, and your lucky gems are the emerald and agate. The number most often associated with good fortune will be 6.
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