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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets, in the order in which they exert their influence, are Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn.
If you can only bring yourself to settle down in one line of work and stick to it, you should achieve great success in journalism, education or the law; or in finance, banking or the brokerage business. Your ready wit will give you a great talent for public speaking, and this, combined with a great talent for making friends easily and naturally, should fit you for any sort of political career or executive office in connection with a large organization of individuals, such as a fraternal order or a professional or trade association.
Do not allow yourself to worry too much about the future. You will never be at a loss for a job. Your greatest problem in this connecton will always be to make up your mind which of a number of positions you are going to take.
If you wish to be happy in your marriage you will have to learn to concentrate on that, too, and not let outside interests in business absorb all your attention and devotion. If a woman, you are liable to be the kind who spends all her time running clubs and charities and neglects her home and family. If a man, you have a wife who would like to spend an evening in your company once in a while.
You should marry persons born under the sign of Libra or Aquarius. Your most favorable day will be Wednesday. Your lucky colors are the goldentans and the grayish blues. Your lucky gems are the pearl or moonstone and the beryl. The number most often associated with good fortune will be 8, and sometimes 5.
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