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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets, in the order in which they exert their influence,are Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.
You will probably engage in a number of different kinds of work during your life before you find the one which is most congenial to you. Inpart this will be due to an inability to make up your mind to stick at what you have started; it also will result from an instinct to better yourself and to seize the best opportunity that presents itself. Do not make a changewithout considerable thought. If you always let reason guide you and not a momentary dislike or feeling of restlessness, you will be right in shifting to a new type of work. Don't let your wide interets and your ability to adapt yourself to new circumstances lead you to become a rolling stone.
A number of love affairs are indicated in your life. There can be no harm in this if you are completely sincere in your emotions, and it will help you to find your type of partner. Do not marry in haste. You will havea very happy domestic life.
You should marry a person born under the signs of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini, although you need not be bound by these signs in your choice. You will be least likely to find happiness with one both under the sign of Capricorn. Your best day will be Wednesday. Your lucky colors are pale blue and violet; your lucky gems are the opal and the tourmaline, and the number most frequently associated with good fortune will be 5.
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