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The Decans Signifies.....


Once you have overcome this obstacle, you will go farin your chosen field, for you will have many friends who will be glad togive you a helping hand as soon as they are sure that you will justify the truoble they take in your behalf.
You should do very well in the arts or the learned professions - teaching or the law. In the exact sciences you may not fare so well, nor in routine business life.
In love you may be bitterly disappointed unless you first learn that idealism often makes impossible demands. You should never marry a person born under the sign of Libra, for only unhappiness can result. And you must be prepared to forgive and to forget, fealizing that you, yourself, are not perfect and cannot, therefore, expect perfection of others.
Unless you teach yourself to be less critical, it is possible that you will never marry at all.
You will have to be strict with yourself in matters of diet and drink, for you will tend to excesses which may undermine your health.
Choose your mate and your friends from those born under the sign of Cancer or in the last half of September or October and you will be assured of happiness.
Your best day is Tuesday; your lucky colors are purple and all shades of red, and your lucky gems are the amethyst and the pearl. The number with which you will most often find good fortune associated is 4. Of lesser importance is 2.
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