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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your ruling planet is Jupiter, with the Moon exerting a secondary but importance is 2.
You are headed for very good fortune, provided you do nothing to harm your chances of success. Fame may be yours, and wealth, but you must always trust your own judgment rather than advice of even your closest friends. Do not let yourself get tied up too intimately in the personal affairs of your acquaintances, for here lie pit falls and hazards which may prove handicaps or may even defeat your aims in life.
You should do well in the professions or in finance, or if your tastes lie elsewhere you might try business connected with the arts - not thearts themselves, it should be emphasized. You would also make a good craftsman - one whose work calls for skill and dexterity, but you should avoid any activity that settles down into a humdrum existence with a great deal of daily routine.
In matters of love you will always be gentle and understanding, which points to a quiet and happy domestic life with few storms and troubles. If you are a woman, it might be wise to continue with a career - if your husband approves, for it will give you an outlet for many talents which would be lost in the routine of housework. However, if he shold not approve, do not think that you will be losing anything of any great importance by giving up a career. You will always be happiest in your home.
You should marry a person born under Cancer or Scorpio, or in the last half of February. Here, too, you will find many of your closest friends. Your most favorable day is Thursday. Your lucky colors are mauve, the greenand indigo; your lucky gems are bloodstones and sapphires, and the number most frequently connected with good fortune is 3.
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