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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are Venus, the Moon, and Mercury, exerting their influence in that order.
To achieve success in life you have only to be sure that you become engaged in a line of work that you enjoy. You possess all the attributes of industry, perseverance and intelligence to make you go far in your chosen career. But never though you think that it may lead you to fame and fortune. You will never be able to drive yourself by sheer will power to success; you will have to get there through the joy of doing the job. If you have instincts for the stage or screen, they are worth following, for you will have the persistence to under go untold hardships in fact, they wil not seem like hardships to you, but more like part of game. You also would begood in any business which brings you in contact with the public.
Your marriage should be a happy one, though you must remember not to let the romance go out of it. Don't take it too much for granted. There is only one rock on which your matrimonial ship may founder, and that is jealousy. There is only one way for you to deal with that problem, and that is to be completely frank about your feelings.
You should marry a person born under the sign of Taurus or Capricorn or in the first half of September. Your best day will be Tuesday. Your lucky colors are pale greens and blues. Your lucky gems are the emerald and turquoise. The number which will be most often associated with good luck is 6. Your most auspicious day in matters of love will be Wednesday, and you may also find the number 4 favorable in this connection.
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