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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are Venus and Saturn, and they exert their influence on your life in that order.
There will be only one thing which will stand in the way of your eventual success and that will be a tendency toward moodiness. You will have to remember that one of the surest ways to fail is to worry constantly over whether you are going to succeed. You must learn to ignore the doubts and fears that will continually creep into your mind, for you have chance for success if you will only follow your instincts and persevere. Determination is your greatest asset and you can make almost anything of your life if you really want to. You should succeed in business having to do with construction or manufacture or in any of the creative arts, such as painting, sculpture or writing. Also you should make a name for yourself in anything which requires judgment in matters of taste-architecture or commercial designing.
You will have a happy marriage but you will have to watch out for jealousy. In friendships you will be intensely loyal, and you must never allow your moody spells to affect your relationships with others. Learn tolaugh at what you will often imagine to be slights and neglect, for you will have a tendency toward self-pity, usually without the slightest justification.
You should never avoid responsibilities, for people are going to have confidence in you and ask your co - operation and advice, and you are going to find your greatest happiness in overcoming obstacles and proving your ability through hard and determined work.
You should marry a person born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Carpricorn. Your best day will be Tuesday; your lucky colors are blue, gray and brown, and your lucky gems are the opal and emerald. The number most often associated with good fortune will be 6.
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