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The Decans Signifies.....


Dear Sir or Madam :
Your planets are Mercury and the Sun, and they exert their influence in equal degree.
In a world which is always looking for honest, painstaking workmen, you will never find youself idle. You are going to prosper and make money, though you may never amass a tremendous fortune. If you achieve any great success it will not bring great riches with it, rather it will be fame and honors in recognition of your talents. It is possible that you will invent some new device or possess which will earn great wealth for someone else. Fortunately you will not be dicontented if this happens, for with you the satisfaction derived from your work will be adequate compensation. Besides you will have a fair share of the wealth, enough to satisfy most of your dreams.
Other occupations in which you may succeed include editoral. The of some sort in which you are engaged in the preparation and publication of manuscripts, scientific pursuits, education, or anything which had to do with construction or manufacture.
You must cultivate your social side so that you do not allow yourself to become so absorbed in your work that you neglect your friends andloved ones. This is particularly true in regard to your marriage. You will have to learn to show your affections and not take love so much for granted. Above all you must learn not to be too crtical when things go wrong in your domestic life. If you are a woman, you face the danger of becoming an agging wife unless you keep your critical tendencies in control. If a man, you must learn to keep quiet when the dinner is cold and to be tactful when you think your wife has been spending too much money.
You should marry a person born in the last half of April , AugustDecember. Your best day will be Sunday, although Tuesday may also be especially important. Your lucky colors are blue and green; your lucky gems arethe sardonyx and the agate, and the number most frequently associated with good fortune will be 5.
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