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Right Hand vs. Left Hand


  • Left hand represents our past.
Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honour.

- Proverbs
1 Wood Hand  
2 Metal Hand  
3 Earth Hand  
4 Fire Hand  
5 Water Hand  
6 Soft  
7 Hard  
8 Flabby  
When I put forth my hand against the Egyptians and bring out the Israelites out from them, the Egypt will know that I am the Lord

- Exodus 7:5


The size of someone's hands are the main sign of what they contain and of the person's skills and qualities.

1 Large  
2 Small  
3 Medium - sized  
4 Wide  
5 Narrow  
Man thinks with his hands.

- The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras declared





1 Flexible  
2 Rigid  
3 Extremely Flexible  


1 Red  
2 Gray  
3 White  
4 Yellow  
5 Brown  
6 Blue  


The finges and Phalanxes

The labours of Hercules:

FingerElementsPhalanges IPhalanges IIPhalanges III
Index Fire The Birds of Lake Stymphalia The Hind of Ceryneia The Erymanthian Boar
Middle Earth The Mares of Diomedes The Cretan Bull The Stables of Kind Augeas
Ring Water The Hydra of Lerna The Nemean Lion The Dog Cerberus
Little Air The Apples of the Garden of the Hesperides The Oxen of Geryon The Girdle of Hippolyte

Finger Tips

1 Square    
2 Spatulate    
3 Conical    

Finger Nails

1 Small    
2 WIde    
3 Fan shaped    
4 Small and very Long    
5 Almond shaped    
6 Claw type    

The Thumb

If there was no other proof, the thumb would convince that God exists.

- Newton, the founder of modern physics

The Thumb : the finger that sets us apart from all other Animals.


The skin is a source of information on our state of mind; we find it hard to sketch each and every one of the experiences that we live, and to outline any plans that we may have for the future.

The general texture of our skin affords basic information about our personality and our behaviour.

No Subject Description
1 Hair  
2 Spots  
3 Blisters  
4 Pimples  
5 Warts  
6 Moles  
7 Peeling  
8 Chilblains  
9 Callouses  
10 Cuts, Burns or Wounds  

The Nails - Shapes

No Type Description
1 Square  
2 Spatulate  
3 Cone - shaped  

The Nails - Signs

The Nails - Color

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