Flowers Therapy

Bach Flower Remedies

1 Agrimony "tough-it-out" remedy
2 Aspen "unknown fear" remedy
3 Beech "nit-picker" remedy
4 Centaury "co-dependant" remedy
5 Cerato "puppet" remedy
6 Cherry Plum "suicide" remedy
7 Chestnut Bud "rut" remedy
8 Chicory "gimme" remedy
9 Clematis "daydreamer" remedy
10 Crab Apple "Mr. Clean" remedy
11 Elm "Oh my God" remedy
12 Gentian "black cloud" remedy
13 Gorse "I surrender" remedy
14 Heather "hypochondriac" remedy
15 Holly "apocalypse" remedy
16 Honeysuckle "...memories..." remedy
17 Hornbeam "Monday morning blahs" remedy
18 Impatiens "nervous Nelly" remedy
19 Larch "wimp" remedy
20 Mimulus "known fear" remedy
21 Mustard "Dr. Doom and Gloom" remedy
22 Oak "atlas, holding world on shoulders" remedy
23 Olive "exhaustion" remedy
24 Pine "guilt" remedy
25 Red Chestnut "smothering" remedy
26 Rock Rose "rescue" remedy
27 Rock Water "zealot" remedy
28 Scleranthus "Libra" remedy
29 Star of Bethlehem "shock" remedy
30 Sweet Chestnut "bottom of the barrel" remedy
31 Vervain "Type A" remedy
32 Vine "field marshal" remedy
33 Walnut "butterfly" remedy
34 Water Violet "loner" remedy
35 White Chestnut "squirrel's cage" remedy
36 Wild Oat "chasing rainbows" remedy
37 Wild Rose "milquetoast" remedy
38 Willow "wet blanket" remedy
39 Rescue Remedy "shock cocktail" remedy