Gems Therapy

In a branch of Astrology, Gems work as a curative properties. Certain gems have specific and wonderful healing powers. Gems have cured where normal medicines have failed, like in parkinson tremors, paralysis, gastric ulcers, chronic insomnia, spondilitis, heart attacks, actute fever, apoplexy, conjunctivitis, epilepsy, etc.

It is advisable that one should were gems according to his / her own horoscope.


5AmberSunFire, Akash 
6AmethystJupiter, NeptuneWater 
7Apache TearSaturnFire 
13Blood StoneMarsFire 
14 Calcite --- ---  
15 Carnellan Sun Fire  
16 Cat's Eye Venus Earth  
17 Celestite Venus, Neptune Water  
18 Chalcedony Moon Water  
19 Chrysocolla Venus Water  
20 Chrysoprase Venus Earth  
21 Citrine Sun Fire  
22 Coal Saturn Earth  
23 Coral Venus Water, Akasha  
24 Cross Stone      
25 Crystal, Quartz Sun, Moon Fire, Water  
- Blue Quartz      
- Green Quartz      
- Herkimer Diamonds      
- Rose Quartz      
- Rutilated Quartz      
- Smoky Quartz      
- Tourmalated Quartz      
26 Diamond Sun Fire  
27 Emerald Venus Earth  
28 Flint Mars Fire  
29 Fluorite      
30 Fossils   Akasha  
31 Garnet Mars Fire  
32 Geodes   Water  
33 Hematite Saturn Fire  
34 Holey Stones   Water  
35 Jade Venus Water  
36 Jasper --- ---  
37 Jet Saturn Earth, Akasha  
38 Kunzite Venus, Pluto Earth  
39 Lapis Lazuli Venus Water  
40 Lava Mars Fire  
41 Lepidolite Jupiter, Neptune Water  
42 Melachite Venus Earth  
43 Marble Moon Water  
44 Mica Mercury Air  
45 Moonstone Moon Water  
46 Mother-of-Pearl Moon, Neptune Water, Akasha  
47 Obsidian Saturn Fire  
48 Olivine Venus Earth  
49 Onyx Mars, Saturn Fire  
50 Opal      
51 Pearl Moon Water, Akasha  
52 Peridot Venus Earth  
53 Petrified Wood   Akasha  
54 Pipestone Mars, Sun Fire  
55 Pumice Mercury Air  
56 Rhodocrosite Mars Fire  
57 Rhodonite Mars Fire  
58 Ruby   Fire  
59 Salt   Earth  
60 Sapphire Moon Water  
61 Sard Mars Fire  
62 Sardonyx Mars Fire  
63 Selenite Moon Water  
64 Serpentine Saturn Fire  
65 Sodalite Venus Water  
66 Sphene Mercury Air  
67 Spinel Pluto Fire  
68 Stalagmites, Stalactites   Earth  
69 Staurolite      
70 Sugilite Jupiter Water  
71 Sulphur Sun Fire  
72 Sunstone Sun Fire  
73 Tiger's Eye Sun Fire  
74 Topaz Sun Fire  
75 Tourmaline      
- Pink Tourmaline Venus Water  
- Red Tourmaline Mars Fire  
- Green Tourmaline Venus Earth  
- Blue Tourmaline Venus Water  
- Black Tourmaline Saturn Earth  
- Watermelon Tourmaline Mars, Venus Fire, Water  
- Tourmaline Quartz Pluto    
76 Turquoise Venus, Neptune Earth  
77 Zircon Sun Fire  
- White Zircon      
- Orange Zircon      
- Red Zircon (Hyacinth)      
- Brown Zircon (Malacon)      
-Green Zircon   

Planetary Metals

Information about Metals, its signification and utilizations.

MercuryMercury, Electrum

Elements & Metals

FireAntimony, brass, gold, iron, meteorite, pyrite, steel
EarthLead, mercury
AirAluminium, mercury, tin
WaterCopper, lodestone, mercury, silver


1 Aluminium Mercury Air  
2 Antimony Sun Fire  
3 Brass Sun Fire  
4 Copper Venus Water  
5 Electrum      
6 Gold Sun Fire  
7 Iron Mars Fire  
8 Lead Saturn Earth  
9 Lodestone Venus Water  
10 Mercury Mercury Water, Earth, Air  
11 Meteorite --- Akasha  
12 Pyrite Mars Fire  
13 Silver Moon Water  
14 Steel Mars Fire  
15 Tin Jupiter Air  

The 9 Gem Pendant

This 9 gem setting is a perfect blend of form and function. The precious and semi-precious gems are exquisitely set in pure silver. Each gem is in harmony with a particular planet. And it is for this reason that wearing the 9 gem setting helps us to be more receptive to beneficial planetary vibrations and better insulated against negative influences.

For Birthstones please refer Numerology