The Mystries of Yantra

Yantra technically means an instrument, apparatus, a talisman or a mystical diagram. Yantra is a symbol of any god or goddess means they are powerful representations of concentrated sacred energy. They fuse together a variety of visual elements in their designs, including Sanskrit mantras, mandalas and images of deities. It is consisting of lines, dots, angles, triangles, squares and circles, it also includes sings and writings. It is made on stone, metal or other things. The Mantra and Tantra are co-partners of Yantra. Yantras are perfect to enhance any meditation practice.

Sri Yantra - or Yantra of Creation - is the most revered of all the Hindu yantras. There is a mysterious beauty that arises in the way that nine diverse triangles interlink to form a state of perfect balance and harmony, and the complementation of the yin and yang~ creating 43 smaller triangles that define the Sri Yantra.

The Sri Yantra is believed to be the image of the OM mantra, which in the Hindu tradition is understood to be the primordial sound of creation. In his book Rhythms of Vision, Lawrence Blair writes that when the OM is correctly intoned into a tonoscope (a device that transforms sound into a visual representation on a screen), it first produces a circle. As the tone is completed, the circle is filled sequentially with concentric squares, triangles and finally, as the last traces of the "mmm" have died away, the Sri Yantra.

Sri Yantra Eternal Fire: Primes the kundalini. For the serious soul intent on burning through karma and the obstructions to one's spiritual growth. The spiritual warrior.

Whirling Squares: In sacred geometry the circle symbolizes the spiritual plane and the square symbolizes the material, physical plane. The whirling squares yantra design portrays the union of spirit and matter. It simultaneously expresses the spiritualization of matter and the cloaking of spirit.

Yantras are a particular field of mandal imagery that visually represent the harmonic tones of mantras (sacred sounds). By directing our thought patterns to these archetypal planes we invite the essence of these levels to penetrate our minds and thinking. An attunement of individual consciousness with the harmony of universal consciousness develops.

  1. Dot means Aakash tatva.
  2. Square means broadness and tends for Prithvi tatva.
  3. Verticle Angle or upward line tends for Agani tatva, it suggests upwardness and growth.
  4. Downward line tends for Jal tatva.
  5. Circle tends for Vayu.
  6. Curved tends for ????.
  7. Square is known as Bhupur it means cosmic town.

Basic Details about Yantra

Bij Mantra Aim tends for Mahakali. Hrim tends for Mahalaxmi. Klim tends for Mahasarasvati. Gam tends for Shri Ganesh.
5 Types Bhoo Prishth Yantra, Meru Prishth Yantra, Patal Yantra, Meru Prastar Yantra and Ruram Prashth Yantra.
4 Types (GauriyamalTantra) Bhruprusth, Kurm Prusth, Padma Prusth and Meru prusth.
5 Elements Agni Tatva, Prithvi Tatva, Vayu Tatva, Jal Tatva and Aakash Tatva.
7 Divisions Sharir Yantra, Dharn Yantra, Aasan Yantra, Mandal Yantra, Pooja Yantra, Chhatar Yantra and Darshan Yantra.
6 Major Purpose Maaran, Mohan, Vashikaran (Hypnotic control), Stambhan, Aakarshan (Attraction) and Ucchatan.
3 types Achal (Fixed) Yantra, Chal (Movable) Yantra and Yantra to be worn on body.
8 type of Smell Safed chandan, lal chandan, gorechan, kapoor, kesar, kasturi, angur, hathi nu mad.
Different kind of Pens Gold/Silver for good act. Jamun for attraction. Krush for hypnotic attraction. Bargad for spambhan. Chameli for any purpose.

Auspicious Periods for preparing Yantra

Person / CategoryCombination
KshatriyaHast, Pushya on Sunday
Spiritual workRohini, Mrigasira on Monday
JewellersAshwini on Tuesday
BrahminAnuradha on Wednesday
VaishyaPushya on Thursday
Troubled, diseased or turmoil facing personRevati on Sunday
ShuklaBetter Period
Krishnalower than Shukla
Vaishakh, Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik, Maghsar, Paush, Magha, Phagan Good for wealth, gold, gain, respect, comfort from children, promotion, success, education.
Chaitra, Jyestha, Ashadh2nd category
Wealth, Education2,7,12
Moksha, Spiritual matters3,8,13
any auspicious work5,10,15

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Directions of the Planets

When making the planets into symbols or yantras, or when placing them in a pattern on an altar, their directions are : the Sun - center, the Moon - SE, Mars - South, Mercury - NE, Jupiter - North, Venus - East, Saturn - West, Rahu - SW, and Ketu - NW.









Sun South








Numerology of Yantra

5Root number of manifestation
15Manifestation of solar energy
18Manifestation of lunar energy
21Manifestation of mars energy
24Manifestation of Mercurian energy
27Manifestation of Jupiterian energy
30Manifestation of Venusian energy
33Manifestation of Saturn energy
36Manifestation of Rahu energy
39Manifestation of Ketu energy
45Full development

A simple yantra with the bija mantras for each planet


Other Yantras for the Planets

SunSurya Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Vishnu Yantra
MoonSri Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra
MarsMangala Yantra
MercuryVishnu Yantra
JupiterGanesh Yantra
VenusSri Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra
SaturnSri Shani Yantra
RahuKali Yantra, Durga Yantra
KetuMahamrityunjaya Yantra

Sacred Geometry Mandala Art

Inter-dimensional Gateways to the Infinite

following Jonathan Quintin

Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. Music is created by applying laws of frequency and sound in certain ways. States of harmonic resonance are produced when frequencies are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law.

These same laws can be applied to produce visual harmony. Instead of frequency and sound it is angle and shape that are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law. Geometric shapes can be orchestrated in ways to produce visual symphonies that show the harmonic unification of diversity.

Mandalas translate complex mathematical expressions into simple shapes and forms. They show how the basic patterns governing the evolution of life workout the most beautiful results.

The word mandala arises from the Sanskrit and means sacred circle. The circle symbolizes the womb of creation; and mandalas are geometric designs that are made through uniform divisions of the circle. The shapes that are formed from these divisions are symbols that embody the mathematical principles found throughout creation. They reveal the inner workings of nature and the inherent order of the universe.

Mandalas act as a bridge between the higher and lower realms. They are interdimensional gateways linking human consciousness to the realms of archetypes and the infinite. The relationship of form, movement, space and time is evoked by the mandala.

Mandalas offer a way to engage with the inherent harmony and balance of nature. They bring the principles of nature into our field of awareness. For thousands of years, mandala imagery has served as a means to an expanded way of thinking. The images transcend language and the rational mind. They bring about a certain wisdom of universal knowledge and a deeper understanding of human consciousness.

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The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio, or it's mathematical term the phi ratio is a mathematical principle that pervades the universe. This principle can be found from molecules (including the DNA molecule) to spiral galaxies. It is a universal relationship that exists between two elements of an equation in a natural situation.

In sacred geometry the golden ratio can be expressed in numbers, lengths, shapes and forms, which include golden proportioned triangles, rectangles and spirals. The golden ratio is the golden thread that links all levels of creation. If the emotion of love is the pervading principle of the universe, the golden ratio is the mathematical equation of it.

The golden ratio is also present in the Sri Yantra. Pentagram star with radiating spiral. Awakening and metamorphosis. New beginnings. A link to the universal heart. A key to realms of higher awareness. Pentagram star rainbow with yin and yang spirals forming universal heart. A nurturing and enriching connection with universal abundance and empathy.


Purpose Color
Spiritual matters White
Maran Black
Uchattan Black
Vashikaran Red
Mohan Red
Acquision of wealth Yellow
Akarshan-attraction Blue


Yellow Satva
Red Rajas
Blue Tamas
Violet Red + Blue
Indigo Yellow + Red
Green Yellow + Blue
Maroon Black + Red

Yantra for planetary movements

Surya YantraChandra YantraMangal Yantra
6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4
7 2 9
8 6 4
310 5
8 310
9 7 5
411 6
Budha YantraGuru YantraSukra Yantra
9 411
4 8 6
1112 7
10 512
11 9 7
613 8
11 613
1210 8
714 9
Sani YantraRahu YantraKetu Yantra
12 714
1311 9
13 815
14 916

The above same numerical sequence, is called the Writing from the Lo River or the Book of Lo, is the basis for the I Ching, which is the basis of Chinese Astrology. These numbers contain the key to oriental astrology.