Indian Names - Male

GujaratiEnglishMeaning of the word
WgGHI Dhananjay
W{I" Dhairya
W{JT Dhaivat
WJ, Dhaval
WJG Dhavan
WD" Dharm
WD"JLZ Dharmveer
WD["G Dharmen
WD["gă Dharmendra
WD["X Dharmesh 1. the lord of Dharma, 2. another name for Yama.
lWDG Dhiman
WLZ[G Dhiren
W|}lD, Dhrumil
W|]5N Dhrupad
W|]J Dhruv
W|]JF\U Dhruvang
wIFG Dhyan
WLZ[gă Dhirendra
W}lD, Dhumil
W]lZG Dhurin

Female - Names

GujaratiEnglishMeaning of the word
WlD"Q9F Dharmistha
WF+L Dhatri