Non Indian Names

NameGenderOriginMeaningSimilar Names
Qamra female Arabic moon  
Quasim male Arabic one who divides goods among his people  
Quella female English pacify  
Queena female Old English queen  
Quincy male French estate belonging to Quintus Quince, Quincey, Quin
Quiterie female French tranquil  
Quennel male Old French dweller by the oak tree  
Quillan male Gaelic club  
Quinn unisex Gaelic wise, queen, fifth born  
Quinn unisex Greek wise, queen, fifth born  
Quinlan male Irish well-shaped, athletic  
Quorra female Italian heart  
Quintessa female Latin essence Quintessenz, Quinn, Tess, Tessa
Quentin male Latin fifth-born child Quinton, Quenten, Quenton, Quintin, Quent, Quint, Quinto, Quintilian, Quintus
Quintina female Latin fifth Quinta
Quirita female Latin citizen  
Quenby female Scandinavian womanly  
Quinby male Scandinavian from the queen‚s estate