Indian Names

GujaratiEnglishSexMeaning of the word
prR, Uchchal M going up; the mind; understanding.
p; Ujas M light before dawn.
pJ, Ujjval M highly inflame; illuminated; bright
ptS" Utkarsh M
pNUD Udgam M the rising of a star; the elevation of a mountain.
pnMT Uddyot M shining; flashing.
plRT Uchit M  
ptF\T Utkrant M  
plJ""S Urvik M  
pt;J Utsav M  
plNT Udit M 1. risen; ascended; high; lofty; tall; born; produced; apparent; visible 2. the sunrise. 
plNTL Uditi F rising of the sun.
pUD Ugam M rising upwards.
pgGT Unnat M  
p5lDT Upmit M
pNUFZ Udgar M
pgD[ Unmesh M
plH"T Urjit M
p<CF; Ullash M
pD[X Umesh M 1. lord of Uma. 2. Uma and Siva conjoined; another name for Siva. 
ptS, Utkal M
pt;U" Utsarg M
pNlUY Udgith M
XLZ Ushir M

Mixed Indian & other Names

NameGenderOriginMeaningSimilar Names
Udaya female Hindu    
Udit male Hindu    
Ujjwala female Hindu    
Unnati female Hindu progress  
Uma female Hindu wife of Shiva, mother ?  
Upen male Hindu    
Upendra male Hindu an element  
Upton male English from the upper town Upshaw
Urjavaha male Hindu of the Nimi dynasty  
Urmila female Hindu wife of Lakshmana  
Urvasi female Hindu most beautiful of Apsaras  
Usha female Hindu    
Uttam male Hindu 3rd Manu  
Uttanka male Hindu    
Uttara female Hindu mother of Pariksit  
Ushma female Hindu    
Uba male African wealthy  
Umar male Arabic    
Unaiza female Arabic    
Usamah male Arabic    
Utt male Arabic wise and kind  
Unai male Basque    
Usoa female Basque    
Urien male Celtic privileged birth Turien, Turio
Ultan male Celtic    
Ula female Celtic sea jewel  
Ulla female Old English to fill up  
Ulrich male Old English wolf ruler Ulric, Ulrick, Udolf, Ulger, Ull, Ulu
Ulrika female Old English wolf ruler Ulrica, Ulrike
Ursanne female Old French    
Uxio male Galician    
Ultreia female Galician    
Uta female German fortunate maid of battle Ute
Ulrich male Old German wolf ruler Ulric, Ulrick, Udolf, Ulger, Ull, Ulu
Ula female Old German inherited estate  
Ulrika female Old German wolf ruler Ulrica, Ulrike
Urania female Greek heavenly, muse of astronomy  
Uriana female Greek the unknown  
Uehudah male Hebrew    
Udeh male Hebrew praise  
Uri male Hebrew light Urie
Uriah unisex Hebrew God is light Uria
Uriel male Hebrew light of God Uriell
Uma female Hebrew nation  
Uros male Hungarian little lord  
Upor male Hungarian    
Uzor male Hungarian name of an ethnic group Ozor
Ugod male Hungarian name of a clan  
Ugor male Hungarian Hungarian Ugron
Ubul male Hungarian    
Ugo male Italian Bright in mind and spirit  
Uma female Japanese horse  
Usagi female Japanese moon Usa
Ulprus male Latin    
Ultima female Latin aloof  
Ulysses male Latin the hateful one, wounded in the tigh Ulises, Uilioc
Una female Latin one, unity, wholeness Oona
Undine female Latin of the wave Unda, Onde, Ondine
Urban male Latin from the city Urbano, Urbanus, Urbaine, Urbane
Urbana female Latin from the citiy  
Ursula female Latin little bear Ursola, Ursule, Orsola, Ursa, Ursie, Orsa, Urzula
Unni unisex Norse modest  
Ulani male Polynesian cheerful  
Ulffr male Scandinavian    
Ulfhildr female Scandinavian    
Uilleam male Scottish    
Uisdean male Scottish    
Udo male Teutonic one with great forture, prosperous  
Ulf male Teutonic wolf  
Uland male Teutonic noble country Ulandus
Ugur male Turkish    
Ufuk male Turkish    
Ulucan male Turkish    
Uren male Welsh    
Uwain male Welsh