Planets are manifestation of matter and they move in space. Their movements are regulated in time. Therefore astrology connects time, space and matter together and demonstrates the synchronistic as well as causality or deterministic principles. It is an art of life - interpretation and provides us with a technique of self - improvement and perfection.

All the modest astrologer are endorsing the view that "astral factors only show the tendencies and the exact effects will depend on the heredity, environment and character of the native." And the potential of each horoscope is capable of being increased by bringing into contact with another powerful horoscope by way of marriage, partnership or alliance. Thus it happens that individuals are lifted in position and affluence through their association with persons whose horoscopes are in sympathy with theirs.

And remember that you were born to excel in some kind of occupation, profession, or career. There is something you can do better than anyone else in the world, by bringing to it your personal touch of magic, based upon the individual character, personality, inner motives, and dreams of your Sign and also based on certain other aspects in your rectified horoscope.

Now you know the meaning, what are you waiting for?
There must be many other miracles you've been dreaming about.
Stop dreaming and go right ahead... manifest them!

As we know that the Astrology is the best gift to the mankind. Usually we are having a horoscope ( Kundali ) from very childhood and we hardly read it because it's a Greek and Latin to us, we can't generate LIFE from it, however the Horoscope ( Janmakshar / Kundali ) is the best guide-book. We put it down into the cupboard and at the crucial time like going for marriage or choosing a career we refer it, but this is not a meaning of having a Horoscope, why because we can generate a better day-to-day life by having it.

And by the way, we stand for giving the best life from your Own Horoscope. We promise for upliftment of your Body, Mind and Spirit.

We are prone to illnesses in the area of the body governed by the certain position of the planets. Happily, various Yoga exercises can aid in strengthening various weaknesses associated with the sign of the zodiac. Through delineation of the natal horoscope, an Astrologer is able to ascertain which individuals are most suited to which kind of yogic exercise needed for them. It is universally accepted that practice of yoga can drastically alter the individual life.

We also give the guideline from MUSIC. Once the basic personality trait is determined by the natal chart, or a temporary undesirable mood by a transiting planet. One can select specific music for creating a desired emotional effect. If studied carefully, the entire human body can be found to re-echo the music of the spheres. You can produce a soothing, harmonious effect on strained nerves or a tired body by repeating the chord of your own keynote on your own sign of the zodiac, given by us.

For more details : MUSIC

We also provide guidelines for the Foods and Herbs. We can suggest which foods and the main herbs should be taken for your better health, it can be taken in a liquid form. As we know that Herbs act as a Nature's tranquilizer and tonic. To relieve anxiety, tension, depression, anger or other mental or emotional disturbances, three or four teaspoons are enough to a remarkable and swift change. You yourself will noticed it. You can take twice a week on a regular basis or more when you feel stress.

Astrology is a system of divination based on the theory that the celestial bodies influence events on earth. It is founded that all of creation is interdependent and that the forces guiding the heavenly spears also work to shape the destinies of nations and individuals; it thus contemplates both astronomy and religion.

Planets are only an index of things to happen and they do not cause the events.

According to astrological principles, a person's temperament and destiny are considered to be chiefly governed by the relative positions, or aspects, of the sun, moon, planets, and stars at the moment of birth, particularly the sign of the zodiac under which she or he was born. 

Using an individual's horoscope - a map of the heavens as they appeared at the time and place of birth - one can analyzes the positions and relationships of the celestial bodies and the traditional qualities associated with them to detect distinctive character traits, talents, proclivities, and liabilities.

Using astrology, we can determine the most auspicious times for important life events such as marriage, starting a new business, starting or moving to new home.

So give us an opportunity to have you a break-through results from your Own Horoscope.

The basic data required for horoscope are your name, birth date, birth time, birth place.

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The Mystery of 12

1The 12 zodiacal signs
2The 12 basic mineral salts used in homeopathy
3Diamonds possess 12 sides or axes to achieve brilliance
412 governors of the Manichean System
512 divisions of Solomon's Temple
612 labors of Hercules
712 Altars of St. James
812 Greek Gods
For everything there is a season,

a time for every activity under heavens.

- Ecclesiastes 3:1 (a book of hebrew bible)

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1 Character Analysis
2 Psychological Astrology
3 Life Trends - Forecasts
4 Relationships
5 Vocational Guidance
6 Medical Matters
7 Choosing the best Time
8 Marriage
9 Bussiness Projects
10 Choosing the best Place - Vastu & feng shui
11 Judge the moment
12 Answer the any questions - Horary Astrology
13 Astrology & Literature
14 Mundane Astrology
15 Astro-Economics
16 Financial Investment and Speculations
17 Business Astrology
18 Astro-Drama & Experiential Astrology
19 Astrology & Magic
20 Astrology & Mystical Contemplation
21 Child Birth - Male / Female - Sex Choices

Horary Astrology

Very soon It will be available... Need help in making a decision? "Horary," from the Sanskrit root "Hora," meaning Time, is a fast and reliable astrological technique designed to answer a specific question.

Just make a note of the time and place (city) that your question came to mind. A chart drawn up with this information can help provide the answers you are looking for.

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